Starting with a national advertisement for Apple Computer in 1981, TAII senior professionals have been on the leading edge of creative marketing and public relations for many years, focusing primarily on business-to-business opportunities and industrial site-to-community public relations. Television, advertisements, press releases, speech writing, web sites, and collateral materials are all in our portfolio of experience.

 Key Benefits

 • Extremely strong message development capabilities
 • Ability to work in any medium
 • Technical heritage promotes quick interpretation of complex ideas

 Confidential Reference Projects


How can one firm successfully complete projects of such myriad varieties? The answer is really quite simple:

First, our extensive databases, built up over many years provide reference solutions without violating the confidentiality of previous or current clients.
They do this because they were built this way. Simplistically, when we use a formula or find and validate a source of data, it is stored in our databases, pre-specific project use. Then, the next time we need it, it is quickly at hand.

Second, over the years, we have worked with many sub-consultants, typically narrow but deep professionals in their field. We employ these trusted professionals, project-by-project, often without revealing our client or our client's intent to them (when we have to do so, our blanket confidentiality agreement and long-term familiarity with these professionals assures you and us that nothing will be divulged). This whole process is completely seamless to you.

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