• A new dawn in consulting relationships

    Chesapeake Bay

    A new dawn in consulting relationships

    We take on few clients and develop a close relationship with them

Financial Project Expertise

TAII’s heritage begins in supporting financial institutions in go/no go financial decisions. For over 25 years, we have been the investment banker independent engineer of choice for select project conditions.

Expert Witness Expertise

TAII has served as an expert witness in valuations, errors & omissions, accidents and product source cases. All assignments to date have resulted in satisfactory outcomes for our clients.

Business Management Expertise

Our very first client upon our founding sought us for our Business Management Expertise. Over the many years since, there has nearly always been at least one ongoing engagement in this area.

Business Communications

For many years, our business communications practice resided at Talo Analytic International, Inc. These days, this expertise resides in our sister company, Paperitalo Publications, LLC. Our abilities, client list and depth of services there is stronger than ever. We are particularly noted for our ability to translate complex business and technical matters into concepts and words anyone can understand.


Our innovative thinking has brought a free energy supply to a manufacturing plant that was a large energy consumer.  For a five-figure investment, we showed one facility how to save seven figures per month.  We think outside the box.

Recent Projects

March, 2024TAII has been engaged as an expert witness in a personnel industrial accident in a paper mill.
February, 2024TAII is participating as Independent Engineer in the refinancing of an exisiting containerboard mill.
December, 2023New linerboard machine referenced earlier here successfully starts up in Henderson, Kentucky
March, 2023TAII develops a new handling system for linerboard rolls and receives patent pending status.
December, 2022TAII begins a project to troubleshoot a North American market pulp dryer.
December, 2022TAII completes a two year project monitoring assignment for a very successful New Recycled Pulping Module construction in Washington State.

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