More Projects

March, 2024TAII has been engaged as an expert witness in a personnel industrial accident in a paper mill.
February, 2024TAII is participating as Independent Engineer in the refinancing of an exisiting containerboard mill.
December, 2023New linerboard machine referenced earlier here successfully starts up in Henderson, Kentucky
March, 2023TAII develops a new handling system for linerboard rolls and receives patent pending status.
December, 2022TAII begins a project to troubleshoot a North American market pulp dryer.
December, 2022TAII completes a two year project monitoring assignment for a very successful New Recycled Pulping Module construction in Washington State.
March, 2022TAII receives an assignment for construction monitoring and startup of a new linerboard machine in Kentucky.
October, 2021TAII receives an assignment to assess the conversion of an existing paper machine to containerboard manufacturing.
September, 2021TAII receives mandate as Banker's Engineer for the new Pratt Industries Containerboard Mill in Henderson, Kentucky
July, 2021TAII receives assignment to provide senior advisor services on a new containerboard mill.
June, 2021TAII receives mandate as an expert witness in a major equipment failure.
September, 2020TAII is awarded an assignment as Lender's Technical Advisor for a New Recycled Pulping Module in an existing mill in Washington State.
July, 2020TAII receives mandate as an expert witness in a major pulp & paper construction dispute.
June, 2020TAII completes assignment as Banker's Engineer for Pratt Industries, Wapakoneta, Ohio.  This project lasted nearly three years from conceptualization through construction, startup and post-startup monitoring.  TAII has served in various Banker's Engineer roles for Pratt since November 1993.
March, 2020TAII receives a confidential study to assess the purchase of certain distressed tissue assets.  TAII recommends against purchasing.
November, 2019TAII receives an assignment to write operating manuals for two dryer steam systems.
April, 2018TAII is asked to value certain equipment assets for a tax-exempt donation to a manufacturer
March, 2018TAII receives an assignment as Independent Engineer for the refinancing of a recycled linerboard mill in the US.
November, 2017TAII receives an assignment for construction monitoring and startup of a new linerboard machine in the midwestern US.
November, 2017TAII receives an assignment as an engineering advisor on a new linerboard mill to be built in the US at an undisclosed location.
August, 2017TAII receives an assignment as Independent Engineer for a new recycled linerboard mill to be built in the midwestern US.
March, 2017TAII celebrates 25 years' service to the pulp and paper industry worldwide.
January, 2017TAII management assistance at a confidential linerboard client continues into its seventh year.
December, 2016TAII received an expert witness assignment in a paper materials investigation
June, 2016TAII received an assignment to assist in construction supervision on a drive upgrade on a twenty year old paperboard machine.
May, 2016TAII receives an assignment as an expert witness in an equipment failure dispute.
February, 2016TAII client receives a favorable settlement in a major construction dispute. TAII work products significantly assist in this outcome.
January, 2016TAII management assistance at a confidential linerboard client continues into its sixth year.
January, 2016Independent Engineer responsibilities for Pratt at Valparaiso, Indiana continue into fourth year.
May, 2015TAII proposes services for a confidential construction matter in a linerboard mill. The proposal is accepted in late summer.
January, 2015TAII management assistance at a confidential linerboard mill client continues into fifth year.
January, 2015Independent Engineer responsibilities for Pratt at Valparaiso, Indiana continue into third year.
January, 2015TAII successfully wraps up the assignment at Greenpac, Niagara Falls, New York.
July, 2014TAII accepts an assignment as Senior Advisor to a proposed containerboard machine rebuild.
January, 2014TAII accepts the assignment as Banker's Engineer for the construction monitoring phase of a new linerboard mill.
January, 2014Independent Engineer responsibilities for Greenpac Project, Niagara Falls, New York, continue into fifth year.
January, 2014TAII renews for the fourth year in a management advisory role at a major US mill.
January, 2014TAII enters the year with a new record backlog as it starts its 23rd year.
November, 2013TAII selected as senior advisor for a waste water treatment plant installation at an existing paper mill.
August, 2013TAII selected as Independent Engineer for a new recycled linerboard machine to be built by Pratt Industries in Valparaiso, Indiana, continuing a nearly twenty year record of high level involvement by TAII in nearly all project financed recycled linerboard mills constructed in the United States.
January, 2013TAII renews for third year management advisory role at a major US mill.
January, 2013Independent Engineer responsibilities for Greenpac Project, Niagara Falls, New York, continue into fourth year.
November, 2012TAII re-examines budget of ongoing confidential project to ascertain affects of changing conditions.
October, 2012TAII provides a complete review of an operating newsprint/linerboard mill in conjunction with management's completion of its strategic plan.
July, 2012TAII provides a specialized listing of US companies with Key Performance Indicators in a tightly scheduled, high expectations environment.
May, 2012Paperitalo Publications, a subsidiary of TAII, launches Pulp & Paper Radio International ( the first regular podcast and live radio show in the history of the pulp and paper industry.
May, 2012TAII engaged to provide consultation on designing and building production facilities using the Light Green Machine Institute concepts
February, 2012TAII is engaged for the first Light Green Machine Institute Mill Audit.
January, 2012TAII enters 2012 with largest backlog in its history.
December, 2011TAII retained for M&A and mill rebuild consultation.
September, 2011TAII values two corrugators and sheet plants for an acquisition.
July, 2011TAII completes a market review of the South American Market Pulp Industry for a private client.
June, 2011TAII completes annual budget review as banker's engineer on a long term linerboard mill project.
June, 2011Greenpac Mill, Niagara Falls, New York, for which TAII is serving as banker's engineer for lenders is publicly announced.
January, 2011TAII selected to manage the rebuild of a coal fired boiler at a tissue mill with the expectation of meeting upcoming boiler MACT conditions.
January, 2011TAII engaged to provide management advisory services for a linerboard mill on a long term basis.
November, 2010TAII values corrugated box plants for an acquirer.
October, 2010TAII engaged by large international financial institution to provide due diligence and construction monitoring services for new linerboard mill.
September, 2010TAII evaluates construction management firm for third party.
May, 2010TAII provides end of fiscal year assessment of operations and finances of linerboard operation.
January, 2010TAII asked to provide final project completion report for a gasifier project. This document related to covenants with lenders.
August, 2009TAII renews contract to assist a major chemical supplier in their efforts to further penetrate the pulp and paper industry.
May, 2009TAII engage to assist in the marketing of timber and recreational land in the US.
January, 2009A major North American linerboard producer asks TAII to opine on a pricing contract among closely held subsidiaries.
November, 2008Deloitte engages TAII to assist in a specific paper mill tax issue.
October, 2008The US Chemical Safety Board engages TAII to study the circumstances involving fatalities in an accident in a US mill.
August, 2008TAII engaged on a retainer basis to assist a major chemical supplier in their efforts to further penetrate the pulp and paper industry.
December, 2007TAII awarded a long term contract to monitor a linerboard project at the request of a lender. This project later awarded Project Finance Magazine's "Industrial Project of the Year 2008."
November, 2007TAII awarded 2nd year continuance of a contract to provide public relations services for a major pulp and paper school.
August, 2007TAII engaged to provide full feasibility study for new linerboard mill in Shreveport, LA.
July, 2007Due to market requests, TAII launches a new subscription only newsletter, "The Thompson Private Letter" to fill a niche in pulp and paper industry news. This is in addition to TAII's two widely popular free newsletters (supported by advertising): Nip Impressions(r) and PaperMoney(r).
May, 2007TAII engaged by a leading investment bank to discern probable actions of a large publicly traded forests products company's future plans concerning divestitures.
February, 2007Awarded advanced work providing an enhanced estimate for a new linerboard/medium paperboard mill.
January, 2007TAII is engaged by a New York Investment firm to provide long term consulting invarious grades of paper and paperboard.
December, 2006TAII receives an engagement to do a preliminary estimate for a new linerboard/medium paperboard mill. Work must be complete by the end of December. Assignment was successfully completed on time.
November, 2006TAII has been engaged by a lender specializing in distressed properties to review the appropriateness of further investment in two related specialty paper mills.
August, 2006TAII completed due diligence for a private equity investor considering participation in an auction concerning a bankrupt specialty paper mill.
June, 2006A private equity fund has engaged TAII to value anoperating industrial manufacturing facility.
May, 2006A prestigious research center has engaged TAII to provide outreach to current and prospective members for the next twelve months.
May, 2006A private investment firm recently asked us to provide full valuation services on a paper industry asset they are contemplating purchasing.
March, 2006A private investor recently engaged TAII to review their situation in a pulp and paper facility. The project scope includes financial, physical and marketing reviews to determine the viability of the facility going forward.
February, 2006TAII was recently awarded general project management responsibility for a confidential biofuels boiler and turbine generator project. If preliminary studies verify the project, TAII willcontinue withfull mangement responsibility for the entire project through startup.
January, 2006TAII was recently asked for opinions by two hedge funds holding bonds in Canadian pulp and paper companies. These opinions were part of the overall process the funds were executing to determine their future positions in the bonds.
December, 2005TAII recently completed three assignments with bond funds holding significant positions in pulp and paper company bonds. These assignments were to aid these funds in assessing the rebalancing of their portfolios for the first quarter of 2006.
December, 2005TAII was today awarded a complete valuation project for a stand alone paperboard mill. This valuation will be used by the client in financial discussions in 1Q06.
November, 2005TAII recently consulted with a new client, a financial institution, interested in the dynamics of the current lumber dispute between the US and Canada and the world wide pulp markets.
November, 2005In light of the recent private equity activity in the pulp and paper industry, a long standing client has asked TAII to review valuations of certain assets in their portfolio. TAII has been the long term valuation provider for these assets for many years.
November, 2005TAII has completed a consulting assignment with a very large investment bank in London reviewing the strengths and weaknesses of three European based paper companies.
September, 2005TAII has been awarded an assignment to value a specialized intangible asset in the pulp and paper industry. This is the third such assignment from the same client in three years.
August, 2005TAII recently received an assignment to review the process and financial conditions in a fine paper mill with the objective of reducing costs. This is a typical assignment for us, combining our knowledge of various factors in the papermaking operation, both "within the fence" and with external conditions.
May, 2005A long time client has asked TAII to value three financial institutions for planning purposescontributing toa long term objective of awarding senior executives.
March, 2005TAII has been asked to evaluate the on-going viability of a pulp and paper mill and the specific grades in which it markets its products in order to aid a third party services/products provider as they consider engaging in a long term relationship with this mill site.
March, 2005TAII has been awarded a contract to assist a major printer in the procurement of 100,000 tons per year of specific paper grades.
February, 2005TAII was recently awarded a long term contract to aid in market development and publicity exposure for a technical services provider to the pulp and paper industry.
January, 2005TAII has been selected to prepare a white paper on a new instrument being marketed by a major international manufacturer.
December, 2004TAII will, under the terms of a newly awarded contract, advise in the procurement of 100,000 tons per year of market pulp for a major non-integrated mill.
November, 2004TAII's engagement was extended in an on-going tax exempt solid waste defense case which originated in 2001 involving two facilities. TAII was instrumental in the successful defense of solid waste tax exempt status at one of the facilities and it is expected that TAII's client will prevail in the second one as well.
November, 2004TAII's expert witness work was instrumental in a favorable award to the defendent in a very large valuation lawsuit.
August, 2004TAII will provide specialized solid waste tax exempt evaluation services to the refinancing of an operating facility manufacturing a specialized product from solid waste.